Saturday, May 26, 2007

Planning to Perfection

SubhanAllah! I was just thinking now; who can Plan like Him? NOBODY!

Duh-I know I'm stating the obvious :P but I don't think many people actually REFLECT on how INCREDIBLE this fact is!

Like, as human beings, we can 'Plan' things REALLY well (like say a wedding, or a community event), but if you think about it, the plan is usually such that it is in the favour of ONE particular person/group of persons. But ALLAH'S Plan is for the best interests of EVERYONE-even people who may not initially be even remotely related to the situation! SubhanAllah, now THAT takes SKILLZ!!

Just think, to plan say a Formal Dinner

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Aren't dreams just the most fascinating thing!

I read that dreams are of three types:

1. Good/True dreams -- which are from Allah (which you are meant to share with good friends, especially as such dreams are the only thing left of 'Prophethood' since the death of our last Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him -- possibly a prediction of what is to come in yours/someone else's life.)
2. Bad Dreams/Nightmares -- which are from Shaytan/Satan (which you are meant to keep to yourself; the Prophet, pbuh, teaching us to "Seek protection with Allah from Shaytan" and 'spitting' to your left three times, upon waking up from such a dream -- I guess as a way to be like, 'Yeh, WHATEVER Shaytan! I'm not letting it get to me." :P)
3. Those other RANDOM dreams that people usually barely remember (but I was reading somewhere that such dreams are perhaps the ones you can learn most from, because they are actually a reflection of what is on your subconscious mind! So, for instance, if you find that your dreams are quite immoral, then you know that you need to work on yourself--learn more to build your Iman, etc. Or if you find all you can dream about is chocolate--eating it, breathing it, swimming in it -- then you REALLY have a problem ;P hehehe).

But SubhanAllah, just the whole concept of 'dreaming' is very interesting... They say that when you are asleep, it is like "semi-death"

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Allah looks out for you

My belief is: if you have good intentions, and you do the right thing by them, then Allah looks out for you. :)
Even if (logically) it seems impossible that things will work out the way you wanted them to, if you know you did the right thing by Him and by all parties concerned, then you can be SURE He will reward you with all YOU DESERVE. :)
...Insha Allah

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Trust your gut

Trust your gut/instinct/'voice within'/'wind of your soul' - whatever you want to call it, trust it, because they say it is the avenue through which Allah let's you know about things, through which Allah gives you sureness about things...

So TRUST it - then insha Allah, you'll find all your dreams coming true :)