Friday, June 1, 2007

The Art of Laziness

Arguably, living a life of laziness actually takes SKILL. SERIOUSLY!

Because to a 'lazy person' (the term that i will from here on abbreviate to 'LP' - being one myself :P), every action they take MUST be worthwhile, otherwise they won't bother carrying it out to begin with. So a lot of time is first spent in THINKING/planning how to be most 'efficient' in every sphere of life that requires WORK - studies, chores, fitness, etc.

So contrary to popular belief, the TRUE LPs are smarter than one may initially give them credit - they in fact NEED to be clever/CREATIVE if they wish to continue their life of 'ease'.

So perhaps more than any other Average Aisha, LPs are the true Physicians, understanding the 'application' of the formula for POWER better than many:

Energy = Power

where, Energy = WORK

The objective of a LP is to MAXIMISE the outcome (i.e. Power, which is the 'rate at which one works'). However, unlike most people, LPs understand that