Sunday, April 22, 2012

25 Random Things About Me

1. I would describe myself as a "blur" (which appears to make Wajma go into hysterics...hmm I haven't figured out why as yet...) - because I find I have just far TOO many RANDOM/varied/disconnected interests/passions. I find I enjoy doing/experiencing/learning about too many RANDOM things. I feel like a piece of me is/wants to be everywhere at once. And so I find great difficulty focusing my energies into just one thing...and thus, I am a BLUR :)
...And yet, upon reflection, I think I've worked out a purpose behind/connection between my otherwise apparent RANDOMness... Wallahu 'Alam :)

2. The one thing those who know me well will agree on as a quality I possess is: I am CRAZY! :P I am unpredictable
- even to myself. I love adventure/thrills - I'm the kind of person who (not hypothetically speaking but ACTUALLY speaking from real life), after seeing the Bunjy-jumping bridge next to Victoria Falls, will think to myself, "Hmm...I was expecting that I'd be jumping from the TOP of the falls, not so far away from the falls... hmm... NAH - not interested in bunjy-jumping now - doesn't look thrilling enough."
...hehe but as I will always argue: "My apparent INsanity is what keeps me sane" ;-)

3. I find great pleasure in surprising people/moving people/provoking thought in people. And so the moments in my life when I’ve felt “high” (without the drugs :P ) – felt like my soul is “soaring” from the experience – have been in times such as at my high-school graduation, standing before a crowd of a couple hundred people who believe they have me totally figured out, (esp. after seeing me all over those wonderful AIC school promo material), who see me as Miss Shy-Quiet-A+-Nerd-Always studying-“Better not joke with her; she might get offended”; and then cause the whole gymnasium to erupt with laughter… just feels AWESOME! :D

4. I love stories – reading them, writing them, but especially hearing them. I love the intricate details people too often leave out. I’m not interested in just ‘the point’ – I’m interested in the journey, the sequence of events, the feelings.

5. I love giving gifts – when they’re not expected. To me, the fact that someone is a dear friend/loved one is reason enough to give them a gift.
I love giving gifts in unconventional ways… hehe I’ll leave it up to my friends to shed some light on some of those “ways” if they so wish :P …And actually, there’s a purpose behind why I do so :) I figure, “I could simply walk over to you and give you this mug; then you’ll be like, ‘Aww, thanks Rai! That’s very thoughtful of you!’ But I love stories, and I like to share what I love… so instead, I’m going to call your work, find out when you’re not present, sneak over there and tell your receptionist to greet you when they next see you with, ‘Hey!!! OMG congratulations on your engagement!’ and hand you the wrapped mug – while you stand there stunned, thinking aloud, ‘Huh, I’m not engaged!’ …After which you’ll have more than just a mug – you’ll have a story ;)” lol and I’ll have heaps of fun hearing about it after!

6. I am a self-confessed lazy-person (aka LP) and I believe that in fact, to maintain a life of laziness takes SKILL ;-)
[Read my blog post about LPs to learn more.]

7. Over and above anything else, I love my Deen (Al-Islam) – I live it (obviously), breathe it (in every posture in every Salat/prayer), eat it (Halal), rock/wear it (Hijab), listen to it (Al-Quran/Nasheed/Nasihah/Khutbah when I can – never enough), rep it :P (Muslimah), preach it (at least informally through my actions – me not into door-knocking).
It is my consciousness – the foundation for my very thought.
It is my sight – the lens through which I view the world.
It is my power – there is no space for fear while one believes in a Superior Being Who looks out for them, Who ensures their due rights to equity and justice – if not possible now, then in the hereafter.
It is my freedom – from attachment/enslavement to any of a host of desires one may have (wealth, status, love…), through attachment only to Him.

8. I love life – the mystery of it – the not knowing what to expect ahead, I feel, is part of the excitement and adventure of it all! I love the ‘spices’ Allah sprinkles into my life – the challenges, the sorrows, the joys – which I feel makes life much more interesting than had we lived a routine, predictable, perfect (boring – not even worth writing about/reading about/watching on TV) one.

9. I am often deep in thought, lost in my own world, because I AM deep, oh so deeeeeeeep I sometimes feel I may drown in myself! :P Latifa once described me as an onion – with so many layers that I peel off ever so cautiously. Yep, I would agree with that description :)
…But then I think there are only 3 layers to me: the exterior (which is what people see – or believe they see), the interior (which is what some may be privileged to see), and the deeeeeper aspect of me (which I don’t share too often – but which I think comes out in my writing quite a bit…) Wallahu ‘Alam.

10. Did I forget to mention I love to write? Oh, I have? Hehe I’m sure the above so far is evidence of that! And I feel quite exhausted now from all this thinking, so I’ll try keep the rest more to the point:

11. I love chocolate (the bar, ice-cream, biscuits – no matter the genre, I’ll still love it) – esp. Lindt mmmmm

12. I am crazy about cars – in particular sporty ones and those beautifully shaped vintage ones.

13. I love the thrill of racing… but I’m a good girl and offcourse don’t race and am speaking hypothetically…

14. I love the idea of lying on the grass and simply watching the clouds go by while reflecting on life – haven’t done so for a long time though…

15. I love pictures that capture ‘moments’ rather than those posed.

16. I love scenic places – visiting them, seeing pictures of them.

17. I love the color blue – and find myself attracted to all things blue.

18. I love keeping active – sports (in particular, basketball and soccer; oooh but also Karate – how I miss Karate…), walking around and around and around my backyard in the afternoons while the gentle breeze brushes past my face.

19. I may look small and petit (=’weak’), but trust me when I say I have a killer punch, and a killer grip… I love the “crack” sound the air makes when I cut through it, especially when I’m ‘in gear’.

20. I’m not a big fan of ‘gold’ – I prefer silver/white gold.

21. I love pretty dresses – I need to stop my collection from growing further still…

22. Until recently (probably because of the influence of my friend Hoda, the Designer behind "Miss Erika"), I never did care too much about shoes and handbags etc, and tended to buy what’s practical/neutral colored and wear it OUT before I bothered getting something new. (Though I’d still much rather spend on customizing my baby – my Swift – than on shoes and bags…)

23. I am not very house-trained as yet… but I do enjoy ‘experimental cooking’. I can’t cook anything ‘traditional’ I’m afraid… most of the things I have cooked usually my family aren’t too inclined to eat because it’s too healthy/looking.

24. I’m passionate about youth work in particular, but community work in general.

25. I’m looking for my Ali ibn Abu Talib – no, I take that back. I’m tired of looking – he can come and find me.

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