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A question I get asked all the time is, "Where are you from?"

My response is usually as follows, "I was born in Malaysia, but my parents are both from Indonesia, but I've been in Australia since I was three... so I guess I'm confused!" But I suppose what has become clear with time, and what is even backed up by the results from two Facebook quizzes I completed is that, I'm "not even Asian" and I am very much a "Dinki-Di-Aussie"!

Though life has thrown its fair challenges at me, overall, I must say that I have truly been blessed with so much. I've completed a Bachelors Degree in Education and Science, majoring in Education, Chemistry and Pure Mathematics; I've had a short-lived career as a high school Maths and Science teacher; I've had an amazing and spiritually fulfilling four-year-long career as a youth worker; I’ve had the most incredible experience working in a company I have always admired, playing a role in the Business Team at the Apple Store, and now finally, I continue to forge ahead on this exciting journey pursuing my dreams as a TraderBusiness Owner and Writer.

There is a lot more I could say, however, one of my good friends, Latifa, perhaps said it best when she described, "I’m discovering Raihanaty is more of an ‘onion’ than you will know. The layers just keep coming! But that, I suppose, is the mystery behind this woman."

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