Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Gift of Poetry

It's amazing how well-chosen words can create more meaning around something. My close friends all know that I like accompanying a gift with words to make the gift more memorable.
I once gave one of my single friends (who loved Brad Pitt and who hated being set-up by mutual friends) a t-shirt that said "Mrs Pitt", along with a note, "Just a small gift that I thought would be useful for you the next time someone tries to set you up; simply turn their attention to the words on your t-shirt and say, "Sorry, I'm taken." :-)

Other times, it is the words themselves that are priceless and the greatest gift you can give.

TIP: Acrostic Poetry using a person's name can be a great gift (well, if the person is the type who appreciates words). In general, having a letter to start the lines of your poem makes it quite a useful tool to give yourself a cue when you find yourself stuck on how to begin.

Here is an example of a poem I wrote and framed for a good friend and work colleague named Isabella.
I ntelligent, intuitive
S oft in speech

Sunday, February 26, 2012

When Poetry was born (in my life at least)

To state the obvious, this week's theme is: Poetry

Let me begin by first looking back and recollecting the very first time I became interested in and began writing poetry...

To be honest, it was that long ago that I can't pinpoint the exact moment I began. However, I would say, as soon as I had learnt how to rhyme, I was writing poetry. One memory relating to poetry that sticks out in my mind was when I was in Year 3 in Primary School and I had to submit a poem to my teacher for Creative Writing. I still remember the opening lines of my silly, random poem that I had come up with on the spot:

Kenny the kicking kangaroo,

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I really don't like doing things aimlessly, without purpose... Even keeping this blog. Although my initial purpose for starting and keeping this blog going was for the sake of writing itself, I am realising that 'aimless writing' isn't enough of a purpose to motivate me to pick up my phone or switch on my laptop and start blogging.

There needs to be something more...

Perhaps a good place to start is looking at what makes me feel good, what interests and/or inspires me?

From the top of my head:

My Deen Islam

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How we roll

I am realising that when you are a Muslim Hijabi chick, rollin' in City of Gosnells, you need to be armed with some HipHop...

I was on Tonkin Hwy a moment earlier in slow moving traffic when my ears caught the exchange between a bunch of young males (keyword: "males"), driving on the right lane beside me. They spoke and laughed loudly, having a conversation I think they intended for me to hear.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

POEM: Freestyle

I usually don't "try" to write poetry; rather in a moment of inspiration or deep emotion, I discover thoughts becoming words that beg for an outlet, which develops into one of my poems! However, below is an example of one of those rare moments in which I decided I was going to take out my notebook and force myself to write something, anything, just for the sake of writing, in an attempt to conquer my writing drought. The poetic stream of consciousness written below came about during my travels in March 2011 while I was sitting on the plane with nothing much to do but write...

Putting pen to paper
Writing whatever comes to mind
Unsure of where these black lines forming words will lead