Wednesday, June 13, 2012

POEM: Forever Dreaming

I just had the great pleasure of speaking to a lively bunch of my peers, from the Young Women's Leadership Program, facilitated by Alicia Curtis. This is a poem from my book that I had hoped they would relate to in their own journeys towards the realisation of their dreams.

* * *

Have you ever had a dream
That you never dared believe you could reach
That just too 'impossible' it seemed
And so only to Him, of those wishes, you would speak.

Yet have you arisen one day
From restless, unfulfilled sleep
To suddenly be feeling the rays
Of a hope you had hidden deep.

But how does one describe
The 'elation' that one feels
Upon learning those very dreams of mine
Could one day become real.

How does one explain
What cannot be understood
What must surely brand me insane
Being without 'proof'.

Yet this 'certainty' within
I cannot help but feel
Even though fears may set in
That 'sureness' they can no longer steal.

So in spite of where I find myself now
Not being where I'd hoped to be
I shall not cease praying that His Will allows
The fulfillment of that dream I hold close to me.
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